Painting with pastels

I have a box of soft pastels, that I bought when I was on Drawing 1. I used them a few times, and indeed I did an assignment using them, which was quite large. But I will admit now that I do not like using them, I find them frustratingly messy and I end up with fingerprints all over them and the colour dust blends in where it is not wanted. I spent this afternoon using them, and also watching you tube tutorials, where brilliant people managed to create amazing artwork with them, so I can see what could be possible. The best thing I managed to make was this sketch of my cat, before he realised I was focused on him and decided to move…I think pastels are quite good for animal fur as you can make a soft effect with them.

pastel sabi.jpg



Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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