Applying paint without brushes

Today I bought a palette knife! And a few other things too…filbert brushes, shapers, a large flat brush and some new sketchpads.

I set up an A3 sheet of acrylic paper on my easel and worked with big, bold colours, mixing them in together with the knife. I did a sort of sky, trying different things, seeing how it could be moved around, and scraped off. I used a sponge as well, for the sea/ lake effect, drawing it across with a few colours together, and then swirling it for a rougher effect. I used my fingers for dabbing and the knife could also be used for touching points of light. It wasn’t meant to be a picture but it sort of is because I wanted to try basic sky, trees, houses, sea.  I enjoyed the freedom of the knife, creating a more abstract feeling, and being able to texture. Used a lot of paint though 🙂


So the next day I wanted to try again, and I felt that buildings would be a good subject for using a knife. I worked from a photo I had taken of a narrow street just down the road from me. I enjoyed this and I am not too displeased with how it turned out, considering it was only my second go with a palette knife. I like how you can combine colours together on the knife without quite mixing them. The paint does dry quickly, especially as it is over 40 C outside at the moment. No, I don’t have air con.

calle by knife


Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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