Opaque colour mixing

With this exercise I have to say I do not think I did it that well, however, I do think I learnt a lot from it. I am writing this just as I have finished so it is fresh in my mind.

The idea was to recreate the washes from the previous exercise but by adding white, rather than watering down the acrylic paint. In my defence, I would say it is very hot here and the paint dries quickly! The single colour washes were easier, the 2 colour ones needed skillful 🙂 blending to achieve the mix and shades of the two colours.  In the first 3, I did not manage to get to the edges of the paper, perhaps that is not so important. The colour is different when you add white, particularly the violet I used, which comes out more blue toned than a true ‘violet’ colour, which is achieved by adding water. The red also went pinker, rather than light red with the addition of the white. The colour looked more vibrant without the white, but the white gives a rich denseness. The yellow and green look better than they do in the picture. I have put the washes I was working from next to today’s for comparison.

blue (1)violetred & orangeyellow & green



Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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