Tonal study on white ground

For this exercise I originally thought of using a small jug and glass, with a dish next to it with some grapes. I set this up and did some sketches with charcoal and soft pencil. However, I did not really feel ‘taken’ with this and when out shopping I spotted a pineapple and immediately wanted to paint it.

So, pineapple purchased and brought home, I set this up in the kitchen as I felt the light was better here. I found an alabaster goblet-pot, bought in Egypt, and tried this out next to the pineapple, with the grapes again. I thought this was looking more interesting, and I could see the tones well; there were shadows and also some light reflection from the surface, and the white wall behind was uneven  and there was shadow from the top of the pineapple adding to the interest.

I set up a white A3 acrylic paper on my easel.  I was unsure what colours to use. I don’t have ‘Paynes grey’. I tried using a green and an umber brown, but was unhappy with this combination, and the white did not mix well with it. I am afraid this went in the bin….so I looked up Paynes grey, and found this is a mix of Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. I have Raw Sienna and dark Ultramarine, so I tried mixing these together and found the colours worked really well , and I could obtain a dark blueish green through to a sandy brown with this, rather than trying to create Paynes Grey. I worked with these and white. As stated I worked quickly and was not too worried about being accurate on shape but tried to look hard at the tones and shadows and light areas. I think it has worked out reasonably well, I am very happy with the colour combination,  and I learnt a lot about mixing colours from this exercise 🙂

tonal on white



Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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