Exercise: Drawing in paint

The brief says not to spend to long looking for an arrangement of objects. I have already done that. I thought I had made a decision on 3 objects in the bedroom, but then thought maybe the ring stand was too fussy I was worried about the linear aspects. So I moved these into the bathroom onto some tiles, thinking they would give strong lines, but then felt it would look rather out of place so I have started again….But maybe  can use these objects at some other time.


I have decided on 3, identical mugs, plain  green, blue and orange. I am busy arranging them a few different ways and doing some linear drawings of them in the kitchen.

I tried arranging the mugs a few ways and doing linear sketches of them.  The 3 in a row was not interesting, one on top of 2 was silly, the three in  group worked best I thought, and threw interesting shadows. I have marked out the shadow areas and the points of light reflected on the mugs. Then I saw a small orange and thought to add this as well, as it was the same colour as one of the mugs. I felt this worked well and was a casual arrangement that was not too ‘placed’. The back wall is white, but uneven so I may try to show this. The table top is wooden, so I will try and describe the grain when I paint it. I will do landscape, A3 and feature the mugs fairly large. I hope the bright, complementary colours of the mugs and orange will make the painting interesting.

I have prepared an A3 sheet with a little prussian blue and white wash.

I had another think and added another orange, a large one; I think it balances the composition in a more pleasing way.


I then drew the main outlines onto the prepared sheet.


I then started adding colour. For the wall, I dabbled white on to try and describe the uneven wall, letting the light blue ground show through. For the mugs I tried to paint in the light and dark areas as boldly as I could. I also went back round the objects again. I am not sure about this effect; it is a little pop art-y! I am not entirely sure if I have achieved what the exercise was aiming at, or indeed quite what I was aiming at, but here it is:


I am pleased with the wood grain and the oranges. Maybe I don’t like man made objects much…

update: 2 days later when I look at this I think I should have used a finer brush for the dark outlines. I am been to the art shop and bought some new brushes. 🙂




Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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