Exercise: Quick sketches around the house

I got a keen sense of deja vu with this exercise, as I think we did something similar in Drawing 1…anyway, as I said then and I’ll say now – our house is small and cluttered. No wall is straight.

For the standing sketches I decided to stand just in the kitchen, where there is a view down the corridor to the front door, however I didn’t the other views would be very good. Also, it  was difficult to draw standing up…and I wasn’t sure whether to try and use a ruler for the straight lines, in the end I didn’t as it said these had to be fast sketches so in theory I had just 30 mins for these. I would definitely have preferred to use charcoal to produce rapid sketches….

The looking down the corridor one is the most interesting, but I think for the sitting drawings I will move the other end into the living room for a different view.

So, I have just done 4 fast sketches from a seated position in the living room…

I feel the one of the window and cushions offers the most promise, with lots of light and dark areas. I also like the alcove with the wooden buddha and the plates on the wall. I am not certain at this moment if I will use any of these for the next exercise. I feel I will have to do some more sketches before then. 


Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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