Exercise: Simple perspective in interior studies

I am not sure that I quite found the right place, in the previous sketching exercise,  for this exercise. I need to create an illusion of space using accurate perspective. It has to be muted colours or a limited palette. It is an exercise in drawing with paint. I have to decide on the outer limits of my view  when I have found it (!)and the format and scale of my painting.

As this is about perspective, I have decided to do the view down the corridor from the living room. This incorporates some of the drawings I have already done and offers a chance to really work on linear perspective. I may have to simplify the view slightly or it will look too cluttered. I will work portrait and larger than A3, using some more of the roll of canvas I have attached to my board. The colours are mostly browns, dark reds and creams.

I did a quick sketch A3 using charcoal to see roughly how it would look and I thought it was a good composition to show perspective.charcoal.JPG

I then made a start drawing it out lightly with a pencil and using a ruler. I identified the vanishing point in the wine rack in the kitchen 🙂 It didn’t go well; I made the corridor too wide and then ended up putting in extra tiles across thinking this would be ok… So I decided to start again and turned the paper over. This time it went better and I think I have mapped it out accurately enough. I am going to start with the painting tomorrow.

left: wrong    right: right 🙂

Well, I have been painting for almost 3 hours. It is not near finished. I need to add some details and shadows and highlights…also, I am not sure if the bricks on the arch are quite right, perspective wise.

But overall, I feel it is going in the right direction.

Today I spent another hour and a half finishing.  I think the perspective is more or less correct. The curtain and the two darker walls frame it and the eye is drawn to the vanishing point down the corridor. I have left a lot of detail out, so it does not become too complicated or confusing. I think the hall stand is not really quite right; it was tricky at that angle and I think because I know how it should look, my mind is creating it for me whereas someone else will not really see it as it is. I have tried to use the paint to suggest more detail and it some cases it has worked – but maybe not completely. The table in the kitchen should be more strong and detailed… But it has been a useful exercise that has made me use perspective in a good way.




Author: Wendy Kate

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