Linear figure study

I am going work from the A3 drawing I did in the previous exercise for this. I remember from Drawing 1 that I was never quite sure what was required when asked to produce a ‘linear’ picture. I looked up the definition again: ‘Linear painting is based around line and boundary; the artist sees in clear shapes and the outline of forms.’



My drawing, although shaded to add tone, has clearly defined outlines so I think  I can work with that. I have also been searching for examples  of other artist’s linear work. Bottacelli’s Venus is cited a lot, but I also think Gustav Klimt’s work could be described in this way.

I also think that Egon Schiele  is a good example and I do love his art . I plan to draw my inspiration for this exercise from his work.  His women have exaggerated muscular forms, gnarly feet and hands and a fragile, bruised look to the skin. seated-woman-with-bent-knee


These are the drawings I did for the last exercise. I have decided to try a loose, fluid water colour sketch in my sketchbook. The background tiles are dark blue, and the towels are orange, which I think will work well together as complementary colours. image1-44

So, strong outlines and then blocking in colours.  I have laid down a blush colour ground as a base, and also on an A4 sheet so I can try first. Having a break while this dries.


So, I worked quickly on the A4 sheet and then started to paint the outline on the large canvas. It quickly went wrong. Then there is not a way of correcting your outline without it showing through. It is just a much bigger thing to paint and also standing at an easel my hand does not judge proportion it so well. I have abandoned it and turned it over and laid down the ground again. Will try once again. Maybe have it down on the table while I do the outline of the figure.

I have now managed paint the  outline to my satisfaction. I think the proportions are correct.It is getting late so I am leaving it for today.

image1 (46).JPG

Next day. Before I started painting, I did some sketches  copying some of Schiele’s figure work. I was rather pleased with these, but then copying is easier….

Then, using Schiele as inspiration, I went over the outline again to give it more life and movement using a bolder line.

I have just spent 2 hours painting without a break and I feel it is finished. I kept the background simple and have allowed the linear aspect of the figure to dominate the picture. I have enjoyed using a different approach to this and it helped to have done the Schiele sketches beforehand to loosen myself up.







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