Life drawing group, Glastonbury

I attended a life drawing group session when I was back in the UK last week. I have been before when I was working through drawing 1, and it was a pleasure to go back. If I lived in Somerset I would go every week!

I worked by quickly sketching in the figure with a pencil and then using a water colour to pick out the tones and shadows, looking at the skins tones. I noticed how white skin varies between blue, red and yellow! There was not long for the poses, so I had to work in a fast and fluid way, which I enjoyed. The 5 minutes poses seemed more like 1 minute. I think my life drawing has improved somewhat; it is looser and more accurate proportions wise than before (D1). I certainly feel more confident with it and I was ready for the very fast poses that caught me out last time. It is interesting to note the very different styles that the other artists have. My own feelings are that the looser styles capture the life and energy of the model much better, rather than a stiff look, which can give a mannequin like feeling.

The model was late arriving, so some of the class stood in just to warm up, which was fun. A5 sketchpad.

Standing poses, Kia, 5 minutes, A3, pencil and water colour.

Seated, 20 minutes, Kia, A3, pencil and water colour.



Reclining, Kia, 30 mins, pencil.




Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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