Reviewing my portrait work

Jaz fin
‘Self  portrait with jasmine’



image2 (48)
‘Ruth smoking’
Mutt and jeff
‘Mutt and Jeff’
Taylor from the shrew
‘The Taming of the Shrew’

I decided to put my portraits on one post so I could consider them together. I have enjoyed this section immensely and I feel I have learnt a lot about skin tones, yes, still a lot to learn of course. I think my self portrait DOES look like me, even though it is unflattering, and I remain pleased with the outcome. The mood one, about my deafness I am cautiously pleased with – it was good to try a different style and I liked expressing myself and my feelings in this way. The one of the model smoking – it DOES look like her and she was pleased with it although she felt I had NOT flattered her (I thought actually I had….) I was pleased with the deep tones and light on this one.  The Liz Taylor I am pleased with overall but I am wondering now if I have expressed enough character in this. I might repeat this one maybe with a family member at some stage. Ms Taylor is just a bit too perfect….;-)

Added after feedback….

‘ Think about and compare your portraits with the series of Van gogh’s portraits, ask what your ‘purpose’, ‘impression’ or what you wish to ‘convey’

Self portrait with jasmine’ ,purpose: to show a true impression of myself, with deep tonal contrasts in the skin tone. I wanted to convey that jasmine connects me to the natural world and my own world here in Spain (the jasmine was out at the time and the heavy scent was a strong influence in me choosing this) Van Gogh’s self portrait Summer 1887, has strong tonal contrasts in this way and he also gazes out at the viewer as I do.

‘Ruth smoking’, purpose: to portray Ruth as the strong minded, independant woman that she is. I convey this with her almost defiant attitude as she blows the smoke though parted lips and stares defiantly away from you, challenging you to criticise. The strong, tonal areas and rougher brush strokes with the smoking attitude compare with Van Gogh’s ‘self portrait with pipe 1886. His is a limited pallette of browns and blacks.

‘Mutt & Jeff’, purpose: to describe my feeling about my hearing loss and the anguish and frustration I often feel from this. Limited pallette of reds symbolising blood and anguish and my position and facial expression all convey this. The title given to this is to add some humour and to not take myself so seriously over this. Maybe is comparable to Van Gogh’s self portraits when he has cut an ear off to express his anguish and frustration with life….?

‘The taming of the shrew’ purpose: to experiment with painting from a film clip in the manner of Luc Tuymans and to show the character that Taylor portrays therein. I wanted to show the anger flashing in her eyes and the annoyed curve of the lips – but subtly, as she is very beautiful and I needed that to be described as well. Van Gogh’s portrait of Adeline Ravoux shows a rather angry looking lady or perhaps just  rather anxious, and I think this compares with my portrayal of Taylor.


Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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