A figure in an interior

I am thinking that this is going to have to be in my house; however, I do feel I have drawn, painted and sketched so much of it already…however, I have been walking around and having a big think and I may well use the wooden sofa in the living room, as it had nice light coming in through the window on the front door. I am thinking of working from a photograph to add a figure on the sofa, sitting or reclining. I have found a few of Jane Birkin and have tried a few sketches but I don’t feel it is working too well. I think the idea is just not interesting me enough…

Today I woke up to lovely light shinning through into the middle room upstairs and suddenly I knew what I wanted to paint. I positioned a chair in this light and opened up the door to light the light through. The tiled floor will lend perspective and depth. The wooden cupboards behind will be a good, simple background.  My friend dropped in for a favour so I asked her to sit for me, just briefly as she couldn’t stay long, I took some pictures and did a fast sketch. I can work in the room and add her in from my photos. The light looked good and I think it will work well. Feeling much more inspired!  I might balance the pink trainers with a pink detail behind – like a pot plant..?image2 (57)

I am also taking inspiration from the (deceptive!) simplicity of  a Hockney painting.  I have marked the position of the chair and the plant as I will have to move it all later as we have people staying with us. I did a charcoal sketch in my A3 pad to work out the light and composition. I will do it landscape on a canvas block that is  larger than A3 in size.Hockney

Shirley Goldfarb & Gregory Masurovsky’ source: https://openspace.sfmoma.org/2010/07/frank-on-hockney/

image2 (59)

image1 (85).JPG

image1 (88)

I prepared the block with a neutral, warm ground in titan bluff. I then drew it out with a brush with the titan darkened by added a little burnt sienna.

image1 (84)

I worked on this yesterday and today. It was hard to actually work in the room from the same spot – I ended up in a very uncomfortable position but managed by moving between the rooms and back to my normal painting spot when I was using the photograph I took.  It is good to have the bright light and then dark shadows but it makes setting up so you can see very difficult. I also found it very hard to paint the head so small and get the features correct so it looked like my friend; overall, I think it does but I guess this is one of the problems of having a smaller figure in a room rather than a portrait. I think I managed to capture the light through the doorway and the effect is pretty much how I wanted it. Again, the figure being smaller was hard and I am sure the feet are not quite right.

ruthie in the morning light
‘Ruthie in the morning light’



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