View from a window

I decided on the bedroom/my studio 🙂 window. It looks out to the houses opposite and through to the mountains beyond. Also, there is a nice black metal railing with curlicues on it that will frame the view at the bottom and a blind at the top.  I tried at an angle but decided it worked better straight on. There is more of a view straight on and also the railing are difficult to describe at an angle. I used a view finder (Yes! Me! I used a viewfinder…) I pushed the plant over to one side so just visible in the view.

I sketched it out in pencil and I also did some fast water colour sketches of the mountains beyond. The light changes so very fast when it is wet weather. By the time I got to paint it had dried up and was sunny again but this made for a more constant light, if not so interesting. I can see why artists like water colour for outdoor sketching to capture something really fast, just a fleeting moment of light through the clouds….

I have also been looking at the work of Raoul Duffy, which is lovely and charming, and indeed I am in a similar area to him so I thought I might take some inspiration from him. The work of Gwen John is I feel not suitable inspiration for here in Spain, although it is soft and beautiful. I very much like the Edward Hopper, particularly this,  ‘Rooms by the sea’ with the bold use of colour and light.  source:

I drew the scene on A3 paper using a black permanent marker and then used water colours.

I thought it was rather fun but of course not quite like the Duffy :-)…..This was early afternoon and the light gives better, more interesting shadows late afternoon and I intend to paint the scene at that time. But I admit I do rather like the outcome of this. 



I used A3 acrylic paper. The shadows on the walls make it more interesting than the water colour, I think. What I feel works is that it give a feeling of looking out and into the distance and I think the black metal at the front frames it well. I don’t feel I have described the mountains very well and the washing prop on the wall goes up into it and looks a big strange. I did not see this at the time. I have maybe painted them in too strong colours. But, it is indeed the view from the bedroom.

Having just read this, I thought well, re do the mountains, so I have although maybe it is not that different. I think it is a little better. My husband prefers the water colour though, annoyingly. Maybe he is right….





Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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