Perspective examples, linear and aerial


Georgia O´O’Keeffe ‘“Her paintings often times used the vantage point of being on the ground and looking up which conveys a sense of wonder an individual might experience while craning one’s neck to look up at the awe-inspiring skyscraper.”

In this example one is looking down at the city. I love the distant lights on the road.okeeffenewyorkatnight


I also thought of Peter Brown, the Bath artist who’s exhibition I was lucky enough to visit earlier this year. Brown paints a lot of city scenes of Bath and uses perspective well to capture the streets and buildings.  source: Departing sun, Marlborough Buildings 2015

In this example there is a clear vanishing point and the road rises up and away from you. I like the metal poles (what are they called..?!bollards?) that get closer together and they move away from the viewer.

Vincent Van Gogh. I like the simplicity of this painting of a  ‘Street in Saintes-Maries’

source: Street-in-Saintes-Maries


JWM Turner. I think this is a good example of aerial perspective, although of course linear is also employed here on the track, which fades away into the pale light in the distance.



Claude Monet ‘Antibes vue de la Salis’



The shimmering colours in this work fade to pale  for the distant town and mountains behind.

Jack B Yeats. Although his work is very abstract at times, I think he shows good aerial perspective in some of his work. This one, ‘Hearing the Nightingale’, depicts the view from Richmond Hill in London. image



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