Linear perspective: ‘Calle Fuente de la Cruz’

I have tried some fast pencil sketches from the window downstairs, stood outside the door and also upstairs in the window. I also tried painting with a stick – a chopstick (didn’t work) other end of a paintbrush (better) and a large feather (this works best). It gives a very sketchy effect. I used a brush to wash in a few shadows. I think the position standing outside the door works best, although not sitting might be a problem.

20170512_145821_Richtone(HDR)It does give the feeling of the road rising up and away.  Trouble with my town, I have said this before, no lines are truly straight and some things are at very odd angles… Going to try and find a twig when I go walking to try as well.

I tried again today using the twig, which worked Ok  I think. I then tried some colour washes, keeping it simple, just a brown for the street (it is cobbled and dirty) and soft blues for the wall shadows. It is hard work using a twig but it does give an unusual effect and stops you trying to be too precise. I rather like it. The shadows move each time I work outside….so this is a problem, or not, as I can put in the outlines and then dash out and add the shadows as they are at that moment.



I laid down a very pale pink ground on A3 acrylic paper. When dry, I went out with the board and a pencil and roughly marked the lines in. The top lines have a different vanishing point than the street rising up. Sometime I think it is best to just really look at the angles and then draw them and not get too bogged down with these points, or maybe now I am missing the point of this exercise… Well, I think I got it fairly accurate. I then drew on the outlines with black and the stick and then used washes and went out again with the board to record the shadows as they were at the time.

Calle Fuente de la Cruz

It was difficult from a standing position. I am not sure the bottom half of the picture works as well.  perhaps it would have worked better if I had managed to put a seat outside to work from. Shadows on white walls…are they blue? does it matter? I look and look again and see many different colours. The cobbles are hard to describe but I wasn’t trying to be detailed here. I think I have captured the rise of the road and the way it flattens out at the top.


Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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