Action plan following feedback from assignment 3

I have updated assignment 3 with a response to the tutor feedback here (bottom of the post):

In addition to the assignment task, set clear aims for yourself. Before you begin your prep work,ask what are you trying to convey and communicate (beyond a ‘likeness’) . Make yourself a list of aims and objectives and refer to these as you work on the assignment. 

‘Whenever possible you would benefit by spending more time doing observational drawings and painting (rather than relying so much on photographs). You will learn more from spending time looking at, analysing, making visual and written notes and then to paint directly from life.’

For the portraits section I feel it was necessary to rely on some photographs; my model would not have had time to sit for hours (it took me many hours to complete the painting ‘Ruth smoking’; I worked from my many sketches and fast captures as well as my i pad for this. In ‘A simple wedding’ I had to rely on photographs – but I made this my own and worked by adding to them and combining what I had. Maybe it was a little self indulgent but I really enjoyed the chance to paint my grandparent’s wedding day and to imagine how it might have been. In my assignment I had to photograph the cat for the position, it was not possible otherwise. My self portraits have all been from mirror work except the selfies project. However, with the next section I am working on, landscapes, I will not be using photographs at all and hope to be outside working as much as possible. Indeed, have already done so.

(**) Look at and apply Bonnard’s compositions (and use of colour) i.e: Before dinner, The bath and The terrace at Vernon

This has been done from last time here:

(**) Luc Tuymans Look at both his drawings and paintings, the content of his ideas, his visual language and cropping-in.

I research and watched this and wrote it up here:

I also took the idea of using a still from a film from Tuymans in ‘Conveying character’.(Elisabeth Taylor in ‘The taming of the shew’.)

‘ Think about and compare your portraits with the series of Van gogh’s portraits, ask what your ‘purpose’, ‘impression’ or what you wish to ‘convey’. 

Not sure this is in my version of the coursebook but have now done so here:

‘Spend min 10 min each reflecting and recording your responses to: Mutt and Jeff, Portrait lemon tree and Ruth smoking’

I will also do this and post separately on my blog.

I will look at the work of Cathy Lomax.

I will watch the commentary by tutor Michelle Whiting on POP1 student Adrian Eaton.

‘(**) Extend your research to include some contemporary artists (C21st)- follow-up on suggestions from Assignment 2. Ask yourself how your artist’s research relates back to and underpins your drawing / painting: process / content? Begin to place your own work within a contemporary context: related to the ideas, process and aesthetics of artists you’re researching.’

Contemporary artists I have researched recently include: Mark Rydan, Luc Tuymans, David Hockney, Gaela Erwin, Estelle Day, Tracy Emin, Peter Brown…. and I will continue with this. I realise I need to relate their work to my own. 


  • I need to make more aims and objectives before starting an assignment or exercise and think about what I wish to say or convey with this work.
  • Analysing my own work is something I find hard to do; however  think if I return to a painting a few weeks afterwards it is easier to do so, as I have by then lost the rather child like enthusiasm I have for my latest piece, therefore I will aim to do this and add to my blog posts retrospectively.
  • Since last feedback, I felt I had been doing more preparation work (at least 5-6 sketches) for each exercise or assignment, however it seems I am still deficient in this so I will aim to be more thorough.
  • Analyse more what elements / qualities I wish to apply from my research. Then I will need to follow this up by considering how and in what ways I can do this.
  • Daily work, even if just sketching.



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