Conveying character #2

I had mentioned that I might have another go at this exercise and, as a break from the landscape section, I painted my husband. Twice. My aim was to produce a likeness that showed his character and his concentration when he is working, or watching football, as in the last one. He was working on the laptop and I asked him to sit in the living room on the sofa, so the light was on him and I could sit and the table and work. I used A3 acrylic paper.  I worked very quickly as though sketching with the paints. The first one, as he was working, produced something curious. The top half was correct, and so was the bottom half, but I think because he was moving his head up and down as he was working, the middle section was too long! I could not see this at the time and I have learnt from this to stand back and look at the whole thing and not concentrate on the different parts but remember the picture as a whole. I folded a crease in the painting and it worked and balanced the angle of the face! 20170521_174004_Richtone(HDR)

Wanting to try again with this fresh in my mind, I got him to sit in the same place but this time watching a football match. The light had changed as it was now evening and he was not wearing his glasses to watch this. And, importantly, the head was still (most of the time anyway…) I worked quickly, and because I had the other painting in my mind, it was almost worked out for me already. I did this in an hour and a quarter.

I think it works as it shows his nervous concentration on the match and it is a good likeness of him. My husband’s reaction was that it was very much him. I think it went well as I was relaxed and also knew this face very well, and I had learnt from the first version to really look at the whole picture and not get too concentrated on one area.

Richard watching football
Richard watching football



Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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