‘Mutt and Jeff’, ‘Self portrait with Lemon Tree’ and Ruth smoking. Analysis and thoughts.

‘Spend min 10 min each reflecting and recording your responses to: Mutt and Jeff, Portrait lemon tree and Ruth smoking.’

Mutt & Jeff: purpose: to describe my feeling with regards to my hearing loss and the anguish and frustration I often feel from my body letting me down in this way. Red is a warm, hot colour but also describes pain and anguish, my arms raised in frustration, almost pulling out my hair, my eyes squeezed shut to stop tears. I used rough brush strokes and also a sponge to blend and to make sure this was not attempting a mirror likeness. Yes, I did not include clothing again, laying myself bare for the world to see me as I truly am. In order for this not to be taken so seriously, as after all, I do have hearing aids and can actually hear and it is not life threatening…so I used the title to lighten it and to add some humour in here. Yes, I get frustrated but don’t take me too seriously.

Ruth smoking: I had tried a few poses with this model but when we stopped for a break and she lit up her cigarette I asked if I could portray her in this way, defiantly smoking indoors, lost in her own thoughts, this is in fact the Ruth I see socially from time to time, an independent lady who challenges you to criticise her (lack of) eating habits and her cigarette habit. The portrait is quite bold and tonal, I think I have caught the light through the window quite well, which was my intention, but it also brings to the fore her character.

Self portrait with lemon tree: This pose was chosen by me from my selfies challenge, as I felt it to be the most interesting, and I learnt a lot from building up the layers in this portrait. I discovered the profile pose to be an interesting angle and one which I will be using again at some point. I also cropped to add interest. I am wearing a hat and a shirt as this is me outside, about to pick a lemon.   I initially thought this work was not bold, or clear enough, but looking back I can see the subtleties within it, and also that I have captured a certain look, (content, and intent, on what I am about to do). As my tutor seemed pleased with this self challenge, I may well continue with this project and see where it leads me.


Author: Wendy Kate

Happily sharing my life in Spain with a tall bearded man from Dorset.

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