Research: Cathy Lomax

‘Look at how she uses layers of wash, thin – thick paint, a variety of brushwork to
build up her painting and what is she conveying in her works.’

I founds Lomax’s blog (that I am now following) which in itself was quite interesting and contains a lot of her work and the reasoning behind it


Method Madness2_reflected

I can immediately see why I was asked to look at Lomax’s work. This piece, ‘Method Madness Green Mirror (detail), 2013, oil on paper & board, mirror, hinges, 30x60cm’, reminds me very much of some of my selfie work in paynes grey. I note her very loose and fluid brushwork and the minimal pallette. ‘The Method Madness series investigates method acting and the way its exponents draw upon real experience to create a performance. The figure in the paintings is inspired by Vivien Leigh’s depiction of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). Leigh unlike the rest of the cast was not a method actor. Her immersive performance in the film is said to have led to a decline in her mental health leading to a series of bipolar episodes.’  She has used very pleasing, sparing brush work and has left some areas blank. The look in the eyes is intense and almost glazed. Art reflecting real life?

Lomax also did a series of paintings of Marilyn Monroe’s dresses without her in them, although they are moulded to her invisible body. Entitled ‘I’m a girl not a ghoul’, in response to Monroe being told she looked like a ghost as she kept herself so pale and liked to wear white a lot. Also, I can understand from this the importance of a title and thought behind the work, without this knowledge it would not have the same impact. I love the way the dresses mould to the body, which is absent. I realise I need to look more at the idea/meaning behind my work, as this then brings a painting to life. I am interested in one idea sparking a whole series of work reflecting this.

‘It seems ironic the most enduring American film star – Marilyn Monroe – has little association with the healthy idea of American tan and is instead all about whiteness. In a series of work from 2012 called I’m a Girl not a Ghoul, I looked at how her personality was consumed by this whiteness.’ source:

Girl not a Ghoul



This is Monroe again, I have read some of the biographies and she did indeed realise the need to keep her body looking good, her ‘instrument’. In fact, I remember a photo of her out running long before it was fashionable. I like how she contrasts the whiteness of the Monroe works with a black background. She seems to glow.

I was inspired to try this myself. I  posed in a jersey wrap dress and tried a quick sketch but decided it would be hard to  paint in this  position, so I got my man to take some  pictures and I worked from one of those. A3 acrylic  paper. I used only payne’s grey and white and slowly drew it in and then built up the deeper layers. I had the idea of my dress heading off to have a good time without me, now that I don’t go out so much!

Without me
‘Without me’

(I am now working on a parallel project to continue my ‘selfies’ project by painting my dresses with my body absent from them.)

More work Lomax below, same source:






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